How we
work for you

Conquer new galaxies with a tailor-made digital product that checks all the right boxes, gets the job done, and satisfies even the most demanding users.

What we do

Our mission on Earth is clear - we create and build digital products that impress the entire universe. And like the universe, we have our own pillars of creation.

Product Design

We are crafting out-of-this-world projects. User-friendly and effective in achieving your brand's business goals.

Web Development

Our focus is on creating exceptional user experiences, following best practices for easy maintenance and clarity.

MVP Building

By utilizing top no-code tools, automation, and AI, we swiftly validate your idea from pitch deck to end-product.


Every journey has a first step. The journey to get you the digital product out of this world comprises four major steps (and thousands of small ones)

Define and plan

Don’t rush into it. Let’s make sure your idea will get you desired results. Together, we discuss your idea, look for the best solutions, and plan your future success.


Design is the heart and soul of your project. From simple mock-ups to interactive prototypes, you will gradually watch your vision come to life and amaze your future customers.


We build excellent digital products. What matters most is that everything you get from us is fast, reliable, scalable, and intuitive. We are committed to delivering nothing but the best!


Product development is a never-ending process, and we are happy to assist you along the way. Every time you need to adjust or update your product, you can count on our support.

Why us

To give you a complete answer, let's take a look at how we work with our clients. We bring our experience, creativity, and dedication to every project, making sure to pay attention to every detail. Our goal is to go above and beyond your customers' expectations. This is what sets the Gravity OFF approach apart.

Business mindset

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We've successfully delivered for them in the past, and we're eager to do the same for you too!

Highly recommended. The 3x3 Academy now has a clear and user-friendly website, easy to manage independently. Very good communication and assistance with even the simplest issues.

Piotr Renkiel
3x3 Academy Founder

I give 5 stars for: meeting the deadline, very thoughtful questions during the implementation, very good communication, very good level of service even after completing the main order I recommend it!

Marcin Nowak
Board Member

I highly recommend working with Gravity OFF! Excellent communication, understanding, and patience with all ideas, and above all, a wealth of creativity and great solutions. May there be more professionals like them! :)

Gaba Harzyk

I had the pleasure of using the services of Gravity OFF. They are reliable, professional, and adhere to the schedule. When creating modern and impressive websites, Gravity OFF focuses primarily on their coherence, readability, and functionality - which is what matters most to me.

Krzysztof Zajdel