Bimbeer Shop

Specialty stores that are all about craft alcohol, fueled by passion, knowledge, and creativity.

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See it live



Webflow Development


An engaging website and online store that capture the unique personality of the brand.


First and foremost, Bimbeer is not your average store; it's a unique and specialized haven for craft alcohols. But it's not just about selling products. It's about passion, community, and knowledge. This cosminc blend has created an extraordinary bond with our wonderful customers, who truly appreciate what Bimbeer has to offer.


We managed to create an intriguing visual identity that draws inspiration from the coastal locations of our physical stores. After some time, we were asked to add an online store functionality. We redesigned the user interface accordingly. For building the online store, we utilized FoxyCart, which seamlessly integrates with our preferred web design platform, Webflow.


We successfully developed a captivating brand image that showcases the coastal essence of their physical stores. Later, we received a request to incorporate an online store. We revamped the user section and utilized FoxyCart, a seamless integration with our preferred Webflow tool, to build the store.