A Polish brand collaborating with European manufacturers and distributors of outdoor play equipment.

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Webflow Development


A user-friendly website with a product catalog that is easy to filter and navigate, ensuring effortless discovery of what you need.


Reccreo is a brand under the TRB Group that specializes in constructing and distributing outdoor play equipment. Additionally, they offer assistance to clients who experience production capacity shortages or require outsourcing for specific tasks.


TBR Group approached us to create the new Reccreo brand website. We had a productive discussion about the process and goals. Our main focus was on creating a simple and user-friendly design that provides easy access to important information and ready-made products.


We created UX wireframes, and once they were polished, the Reccreo team started working on copy and product details. We quickly designed a colorful website that stands out from competitors. Once the design was set, we built the project in Webflow, focusing on ease of maintenance.
Our collaboration turned into a long-term partnership, where we had the pleasure of building 2 more websites for TRB Group.