Just Cars

Luxury cars for rent that allow customers to experience incredible driving sensations in some of the most expensive and finest cars in the world.

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Webflow Development


A stunning website that showcases luxurious cars and captivates users attention.


Łukasz Żydek - Design

JustCars Premium Rent provides a variety of luxurious vehicles for rent. All cars in their collection are equipped with top-of-the-line features. To enjoy driving one of the world's most expensive and finest cars, simply reserve a vehicle for any duration, pick it up at your designated location, and hit the road.


When working with luxurious and expensive products, it was important for us to ensure that the focus remains on the products themselves - the cars. To achieve this, we designed the website to be visually appealing with simple animations, while making sure that the stunning car images truly stand out.


We began by creating UX wireframes to establish user flow and information architecture. Once these elements were finalized, we moved on to the UI phase, developing two versions. We chose to focus on a dark theme to convey a sense of luxury that we aim to achieve.
For the project, we utilized Webflow, prioritizing ease of maintenance and scalability. Our plan is to integrate a booking system in the near future.