Blue Cactus

The tex-mex restaurant from Warsaw has gained legendary status. Since 1996, they have served over 1.2 million guests.

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See it live



Webflow Development


A colorful and entertaining website showcasing the incredible vibe of the restaurant.


Blue Cactus is the first restaurant in Poland to have introduced authentic Tex-Mex cuisine, along with delicious margaritas and cocktails, in a vibrant and enjoyable setting. Even after 25 years, they continue to serve flavorful and bold dishes, refreshing cocktails, all in a welcoming and lively atmosphere.


It was a project where we quickly gained the client's trust and had the chance to showcase our creativity. Following brand guidelines, our main goal was to let users experience the place's vibe even before visiting. We really liked that idea.


Because of the tight deadline, we quickly moved into the design phase after establishing the information architecture during the call. Once the design was finalized, we built the website in Webflow, incorporating visually appealing animations that set it apart from other restaurants. The legendary restaurant now has the look it deserves, and we were thrilled to be part of it.

I highly recommend working with Gravity OFF! Excellent communication, understanding, and patience with all ideas, and above all, a wealth of creativity and great solutions. May there be more professionals like them! :)

Gaba Harzyk