Players Camp

Players Camp is an amazing basketball camp for young enthusiasts. The experienced coaches bring energy and knowledge to inspire participants

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See it live



Webflow Development


A vibrant and engaging website dedicated to recruiting youngsters for the camp.


They are a fantastic group of basketball enthusiasts who truly believe in and consistently demonstrate that a structured and intense training program can go hand in hand with a positive atmosphere and loads of fun! They take a comprehensive approach to basketball, ensuring that participants at their camps engage in a series of workshops and activities that will make the most of their time at Players Camp and help them achieve their goals.


Our goal was to redesign the website, aiming to showcase the amazing fun and immense knowledge that young basketball players can gain from their camps. We wanted to create a visually appealing experience, blending a touch of grunge/street style with basketball elements. At the same time, we had to stay focused on ensuring clarity of information.


We created UX wireframes that allowed the Players Camp team to collaborate on copy and imagery. Once we established the informational architecture, we swiftly transitioned to the UI phase, where we introduced vibrant colors and engaging graphic elements. The team loved our ideas, so we proceeded to build the project in Webflow. Later on, we seamlessly integrated a booking system, making the entire recruiting process easier for both users and the team.

We also had the opportunity to revamp another project specifically designed for Volleyball players.